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SceneCycle is an implementation of a narrative theory with the working title “Narrative Context Modeling” or NCM.

The work of Joseph Campbell is the foundation from which Narrative Context Modeling grew.  Campbell identified a pattern  called the “Monomyth” which was an archetype for “The Hero’s Journey” that he believed to be common to much of world mythology.  His exhaustive research allowed him to find a great deal of support for this assertion.  His research also showed many cases in which the fit between his theory and the subjects of his analysis was imperfect, though still compelling.

The Monomyth structure has been successful, both in analyzing myths from many cultures and in guiding the creation of works of fiction like Star Wars, which was constructed to employ the Monomyth’s universal appeal.  The Monomyth does not precisely fit much of modern literature, however, and it seems almost inapplicable to situations like Role Playing Games in which there are multiple “Heroes”, each of whom might have his own journey.

The Monomyth is a method of organizing occurrences in a narrative into what I call Narrative Context.  I believe that narrative context is one of the primary ways in which humans organize and express the meaning in their lives.  NCM is an attempt to modify and extend the “Monomyth” such that it may provide context to as many types of occurence as possible.


Derivation of the Modomyth

Nesting of the Modomyth

Narrative Context Modeling

Relationship Matricies